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Silent type Genset

Good sealing, closed box, 2mm plate making and become, rainproof, prevent snow, dustproof, can in harsh environments work, Prevent sound effect is good, the casing adopt high-frequency, intermediate frequency and low frequency PUR type flame retardant sound-absorbing cotton, effectively reduce the unit everywhere came out of the different kinds of noise.
Product Details

The silent type generator sets are made in accordance with ISO standards, And in conformity with the safety requirements and environmental requirements of relevant work environment of the current and pending legal, Generator sets are all pass the strict test, can run under the most demanding working conditions.

Performance feature:
• Weatherproof.
• Powder coat, with Excellent anti-corrosion performance.
• Full considering the security, to ensure safe operation and maintenance.
• Good handling.
• Low noisy level, less emissions, more environmentally friendly。
Based on the Kaihua genset power, it can divide into double side single-door, double side double doors, imitate container type.



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