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ZTP Railway DC Motor

ZTP series railway DC motor has a long history of design and production. It is specially used for railway locomotive equipment such as dragging hydraulic pumps, blowers, air compressors, auxiliary generators, motor vehicle deceleration and brake use, diesel locomotives and power cars, and other auxiliary mechanical motors.
Product Details

ZTP series raiway DC motor is developed by Simo technical team and authorized and leaded by China Railway Ministry. It has been applicated in a series of well-known railway trains, such as FUXING, HEXIE, and many other trains for foreign countries.

ZTP motor has outstanding advantages of high stator space utilization, small volume, small moment of inertia, good dynamic performance, and can withstand pulse current and high current rate of change.

The motor can bear the impact and vibration generated during the normal operation of locomotives and vehicles. When the locomotive is exposed to rain and snow, the motor runs normally.

Great quality is the secret that Simo motor can be outstanding all through the 67 years in electric motor manufacturing industry. We have really strict control systems on the material suppliers choosing and reviewing, material inspection, processing checking, motor testing, testing , packing and transporting.


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